Sunday, April 24, 2016

Interior Design - with a Dance Pole??

What do you think when your client requests a dance pole in your interior design?

Stripper Poles in the Bedroom

            Intensify your foreplay by buying a stripper pole for your bedroom.  There are many stripper poles on the market. Some poles are easy to install and others are easy to remove for portability purposes.  
            Mipole 360 Professional Spinning Dance Pole is easy to install and remove—it can be made to spin, or be stable with the push of one button.  This pole holds up to 250 pounds and provides hours of stimulating visual delights.
            The MiPole Professional Dance Pole kit is portable and easy to move for the professional stripper on the go, or a bedroom of a home.  This resembles the Spinning Pole, but it doesn’t have the spinning pole option.
            The Private Dancer Pole is a kit that includes a pole, garter, feather boa, a pole dancing guide, a DVD guide, installation instructions and play money. 
            Fetish Fantasy Light Up Dance Pole holds up to 300 pounds  and includes a wireless remote control.  Light up the night with your sexual dance moves! 
            Maybe you just want a  simple pole in silver or pink, them get the full adjustable professional dance pole.  Simple, yet effective. 
            Installing a dance pole in the bedroom will add a new experience.  Losing inhibitions enough to strip for your lover creates a tighter bond, and a closer relationship.  If its just about sex and not about love, tease them silly and fuck the shit out of them and send them on their way!  Close your eyes, dim the lights and become the pole.  Move like you own the pole.  Move like you want to fuck the pole. 
            Don’t let the stripper and pole dancer haters judge you. Putting a pole in your bedroom doesn’t make you cheap, or whorish.  It makes you open minded, sexy and cool—not to mention talented, I mean not everybody can pole dance.

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